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What are Everbrite and ProtectaClear Coatings?

What problems do Everbrite coatings solve?
Is ProtectaClear safe on Jewellery to be worn on skin?
How do I know if the painted surface can be restored?
How are Everbrite coatings applied?
How is the surface cleaned?
What is the shelf life for Everbrite Coatings?
How often does Everbrite and ProtectaClear need to be reapplied?
Why not just paint metal buildings and roll up doors?
Should I apply Everbrite on new metal buildings or new roll up doors?
Are there surfaces that should not have Everbrite coatings applied to?
Are there situations where Everbrite or ProtectaClear cannot help?
 Can I use Everbrite coatings on grandfather clocks, pendulums, weights etc?
How can I remove Everbrite or ProtectaClear?
I coated polished aluminium or copper and when I applied the coating I got black streaks. Why did this happen and how can I fix it?
Can copper cookware be treated and is it safe?