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ProtectaClear Coating


ProtectaClear - a crystal clear coating is self-levelling and self-annealing. It is a H8 on a hardness test in comparison to granite which is a H6. It has resistance against scrathes, fingerprints, salt air corrosion, sun fading, moisture damage and tarnish. It also has an indefinite shelf, provided it is stored sealed.

Acheive the look you require and apply one coat of ProtectaClear to seal this look. Maintainable indefinitely.

ProtectaClear - Unique properties

Antioxidant - With built in antioxidants the coating is crystal clear and leaves a finish that enhances the natural look whilst protecting the surface from oxidisation and corrosion.

Self-annealing - Due to the self-annealing properties of the coating, applying additional coats years later is a simple process. Additionally, if the surface becomes scratched or damaged in any way, simply coating the damaged area and creating an invisible repair.

Self-levelling - In cases where the surfaces have been damaged by oxidization or rusting, the cleaned surface may be pitted or rough. The self-levelling properties of the coating will leave a smooth finish, filling the pit mark, therefore not allowing dirt to build up within them.

Sealed finish - The coating provides a completely sealed finish, due to the thermo plastic properties of the coating forming a second skin type protection. Sealing around all types of panel joint, fixing screws and rivets. During application the wet coating is drawn via capillary action into joints, laps, rivets and under screw heads.