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"As a jewelry designer, I work solely in brass, inks, acrylic and enamel paints. I was very frustrated when I would complete a clean vibrant piece of jewelry and it would turn dark and the inks would loose the luminance that I intended. One of my brass component suppliers suggested I try ProtectaClear and I was just thrilled with the results. The color mediums I use keep its freshness and the brass stays clean, bright and tarnish free. I sell my jewelry with confidence knowing that it will stay beautiful over time." ~ Susan M Collett

"I've just received my kit. Thank you very fast service. Im very pleased with my use of ProtectaClear. Its amazing how it protects fake gold materials. I can now sell my jewellery with confidence and not worry about customers complaining about bad quality. You have my approval" ~ Hanna Olsen

"I make copper jewelery. I like working in copper, although it tarnishes so fast. I have tried numerous things to stop the tarnishing, but I need something that I know will last. So I used your "ProtectaClear" coating on my earrings. Your product was described on your website as " self leveling" and it definitely is. I like your product & will continue using it. Thanks for developing it- it answered a problem I was having." ~ Patty S.

"I received the products and am very pleased. I purchased it to polish and protect a copper engraved band bracelet that kept tarnishing. I cleaned it and applied 2 coatings of protection and it hasn't tarnished since. Thank you very much!" ~ Laurie Lofgren


" I dipped my copper pieces this weekend and I am totally pleased as punch with the product. It's clean and the smell is minimal I will spread the word and for sure always have it for myself. It came very quickly too. Great product and thanks for caring about my satisfaction!" ~ Pat

"I tried the stuff yesterday and it works great. I make copper chains etc. and I just dipped the pieces in and made sure to move it around a bit, so that it wouldn't stick and they look great. I am very pleased that I didn't have to coat each piece and then link them together, this is so much faster. And the finish isn't too glossy or heavy looking, very natural." ~ Susan


Garage/Storage doors

"Everbrite makes a door look brand new. Great stuff. " ~ John Brick, U-Haul Corporation

"I have finished my project and have had fantastic response from my customers. My storage doors look great! "~ Marty Edwards

"Our doors look incredible. The sun and particulates in the air here had really taken their toll. Obviously, I knew our doors needed attention, however it was stunning to see the difference between the before and after. In reality, the doors were much worse than I had imagined. It now looks like a new facility." ~ Penny Smith, Fortress Self Storage

"I have, in fact, completed the application of Everbrite at three facilities. Your product is amazing. I have some pictures I am attaching so that you can see what the end results were. The owners were "THRILLED" and amazed at the results. " ~Jeff Wilder


"We left one door unfinished so we could compare and see the improvement - and WOW! Wish we had done this five years ago - our doors were in BAD shape! They are 100% better. Thanks so much for everything - we are very pleased to have such a great improvement of our property! " ~ Rosanne Clark


Automotive Product Range

"I have my Goldwing wheels coated with ProtectaClear. I got home today with about 5,400 miles of road grime on them all the way from the mountains to the coast and back. I never cleaned them once the whole trip. I wondered just how hard they would be to clean. It took me about 45 seconds to wipe the front wheel totally clean with nothing more than a soapy sponge. Worked like a charm. Check out this post I just put up on the Goldwing Forum" ~ Fred Harmen

"ProtectaClear is very easy to apply. I did mine with a small foam brush. I was concerned about the bubbles and brush marks when I applied it but it dried completely smooth and free of bubbles, etc. My rim now looks like brand new again and I couldn't be happier with the results! " ~ Phil

"I really didn't think my front wheels were salvageable but decided to give your product a try. I was really surprised at the results. The wheels looked like new again. The Wheel Restore is amazing. Thanks for distributing a product that really works! I'm absolutely sure I will be buying some more of this and some of your other products as well." ~ Floyd


"Very impressed with the RESTORE Wheel Cleaner product and did a much better job than i expected. no damage done to the wheel as no need to scrub or such like. Now this bottle of product comes at a very good price and I reckon there's enough to do two cars which are in a very bad state. A big thank you for supplying me the product." ~ Dave





These were done with everbrite wheel guard. Application is a piece of cake as you just wipe it on and walk away.... Cant go wrong with Everbrite Wheel works....period ~ ReflectRuss


"We used the Everbrite on the copper roof of the cupola and on the weathervane. It looks great!Thanks!" ~ Laura Hamilton


"We use Everbrite Protective Coating to keep our beautiful art looking bright, prevent tarnish and salt corrosion." ~ Key West Copper Art


"I have used it on many of my pieces now. All I did was clean the metal and apply with a sponge brush. It went on smooth and the self- leveling was perfect. Dried quickly." ~ Wendy Gellert

"EverBrite were consistently brilliant in communication and in knowledge when it came to coating the horse.
The protecta clear product is just amazing! An absolute ease to use and apply and the results are just unbelievably good!My sculpture has endured rain and sun and everything the north Norfolk coast has thrown at it. For an artist exhibiting publicly the coating needed to be of a extremely high standard, I am absolutely on board with the EverBrite team and I will not use any other product or coating in the future. Absolutely fantastic in every sense" ~Henry Stephen


"My project to build a new towel rail for the bathroom. As predicted, the copper tarnished pretty quickly.... and although i liked this, i decided to treat the metal (to avoid any contamination getting on clean towels.  I bought the stainless steel kit from everbright: "protect-a-clear".  This is a very easy fix. polish the metal..... wipe with the supplied degreaser.... then wipe on the self annealing polymer coat. Basically..... whatever 'look' you like you can keep it in that state with no tarnishing at all..... amazeballs." ~ Matt Jackson  Check out Matts' forum page.


"Attached are the photos showing how your wonderful product has transformed my water feature. The first and third show it before treatment. I then tested one leaf to check it would work - picture 2, and picture 4 is the finished product. Many Thanks for your support and help." ~ Debbie Adams




"I recently restored the copper roof over my bay window with the "Everbrite Clean & Protect Kit - Small". I'm very impressed and satisfied by the results! I'm not the first owner of this house, but several neighbors also have this kind of roof. They said that these roofs were originally installed without any clear-coat, and quickly turned dark brown within one year." ~ Vic Kumar


"I have used ProtectaClear and so far I am very impressed. It's great to be able to get my copper roofing to have its beauty back without having to worry about the rain turning it that ugly brownish color. I'm glad I found you guys online and would definitely use you guys again on such projects. Thank you for a quality product!" ~ John Holly

"Well we have had days and days of rain. Our birdhouse roof is still a beautiful shiny copper. Love the Everbrite." ~ Kathy E

"Overall, the copper looks much better bright than it did dull. That's our personal preference. Your products worked pretty well! It looks very good. So, thanks for your help!" ~ Michael


Miscellaneous Projects

ProtectaClear Coating - "I'm very pleased on how easy it was to apply and how it looks, hope it lasts, time will tell." ~ Danny Lafferty